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If you are an auditor and would like to advertise your availability, please use this thread to post anything you would like to promote your services. I suggest a link to your web site and/or a brief profile - some basic information.

My basic expectation if you do this is that you be a regular, active participant in the forum and that you are helping others here. I will delete any one-shot Nellies who come, post their advertisement and are not active in helping others.

Expectation is 100 or more posts, because this is free advertising.
Thanks for the space Marc....

I'm an RAB certified EMS-LA. If anybody wants a 3rd party audit of their system for self-declaration or just to have one I am available.

I will also audit safety management systems along the line of OSHA VPP or OHSAS 18001.


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No problem - glad to do it.

M Greenaway: I would suggest you (and others) specify what you are qualified / want to audit since auditing without that information leaves things pretty wide open.

M Greenaway

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I will give any serious requests a full CV.

My auditing experience has been in ISO9001 and 2:1994, QS9000 Third Edition, and now ISO/IEC17025. I would willingly turn my hand to audit any other standard, but have no specific experience of auditing other standards (such as ISO14001, etc).

I am an Associate Memeber of the Institute of Quality Assurance, and an IRCA registered Internal Auditor (when the cert comes through).

I have considerable experience of predominantly ISO9000 in the mechanical engineering manufacturing industry, and have a high formal education in Mechanical and Production Engineering.

I am not a consultant or self employed so I would see this as helping someone out in my spare time - but it would be a professional job ;)


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Not exactly auditing, but....

Although I perform internal audits in the Detroit area, I also run a website (that has a thread of its own) that provides information for internal auditors. The URL is: www.Internal-auditor.com It has a subscription monthly newsletter that is available.

BTW, I'm always looking for input, suggestions, etc.

rsalinger - 2007

Thanks for the opportunity, Marc.

Former corporate ISO program manager located in mid-Michigan, RAB QMS-LA, ASQ CQA, available for internal audits, supplier audits, auditor training, etc.


Thanks Marc, I am a twenty year quality guy, certified Lead Assessor and an RAB Provisional Auditor looking for full time auditing or Part-time in the Southeast. I also have developed my own Internal Auditing class and have certified my own auditors.


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I am curious.........any idea how many folks may be out there (in the U.S. primarily) that have training in assessing to ISO/IEC17025 and have training and experience in Metrology?



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Rather tough to answer there - depending on what you call training and experience in Metrology. I have limited training through a few college courses (and almost every seminar offered by gage manufacturers) and 30 some years in quality. I am a trained and approved 2pCP auditor for the AIAG lab approval program. I don't feel I am specially trained or qualified for auditing 17025 because it isn't my regular job. I fill a need. I do however feel confident that I am assessing a supplier fairly and competently. I feel the same when I audit a supplier's QMS. That isn't my regular job either.


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