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Average access height into an industrial machine (average base plate height)


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I've looking through our list of standards to find out what the average height should be to allow access into a machine for an operator that will be in a standing position on a solid floor that is not adjustable. They will be doing two things at this station. The first is that they will be loading a plastic plate into a machine every 7 minutes approximately. This plate is about 100mm x 300mm x 50mm and only weighs 300-400g. Secondly they will have to load a small bag of o-rings into a hopper approximately every 50 minutes. I've been looking at EN ISO 13857: 2008, EN 547-1, EN 547-2, EN 547-3, EN-1005-2, EN 1005-4, EN 1005-5, EN ISO-14738: 2009 & EN ISO-14738: 2009E but neither of these seem to give me the info I'm looking for.

All I can find really are the anthropometric height for an average European person is 1881mm which helps in determining the overall height of the machine but I'm looking to get the base plate height basically, in the image below the base plate is indicated by the red line. About as close as I can get to it is what is in EN 547-2 but this is when an operator is standing on an adjustable base from my reading of it.

Will be using the 1881

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