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Aviation MRO Project facility coming to U-Tapao airport in Thailand - Help

You haven't got rid of me yet!

The law firm I joined just landed a big project for the new MRO facility coming to U-Tapao airport in Thailand.

Where do I begin?


Steve Prevette

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Since no one has answered, I'll take a shot here. The first step is to understand what the customer (which is who?) has asked your firm to do.

What is the scope of the project for the law firm? Since you are a law firm, I assume you are not building the facility. . . But what exactly does the contract say that you signed? What is your firm being paid to do?
Hi Steve,

Thanks for responding. The first engagement is by a MRO services provider who wants to know the local requirements of the investment project. The other potential client is an aircraft manufacturer.

Basically, I want to understand how MROs operate and are typically structured as well as knowing which standards apply so that I can converse at a basic level.

I have experience working with airline startups and aircraft leases but methinks this is a different animal.

Looking to dive into reading but can't figure out a good starting point.

Edit: and part of this exercise is to be able to expand our client base in this area
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