Background of people in SQA (Supplier Quality Assurance)



Background of people in SQA

It is not clear why software quality assurance personnel must be having knowledge on programming languages, database concepts and other interconnected aspects. For any QA person before the product is certified finally he/she has to test the product as per the work instruction kept for testing and see that the product passes through.

Why then all these requirements?

Infact people who dont have software background will be able to test it properly without any assumptions

Can I have the views of others please

Al Dyer


Are you refering to a published quality standard/specification (ISO/QS/TS) and if so, which one?

Or is this a company requirement at your facility?

Just wanted some clarification so I can post a decent response.



Generally all advertisements for Q.A even in USA specify that QA persons msut have programming skills to some level. You must be aware of this. QA ensures product qualty and also the quality system of the organisation. In this situation I feel that insisting on qualification for a particular product is not necessary. For example, to test a transformer one need not be an electrical engineer. A person with a basic degree in any branch will suffice and he can certify.



I have yet to see a job advertisement for Quality positions requiring programming skills. They do ask for computer skills. This does not include programming. Programmers, for the most part, demand more compensation. That is unless you're a top gun Quality professional like Al D.


OOPS. I just noticed your original post. It mentions QA Software Personnel. Yes, they should have some programming knowledge. These people are not usually involved in physical product verification, as I know it. Their expertise is in "Software". There is a big difference.

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Al Dyer


Let's think of it this way:

The employer decides what capabilities they require for any given position. They do this because they have a system that requires those qualifications.

If I, the employer, needs a gage calibration expert would I hire a person that has used a ruler in grade school and expect them to use instructions to calibrate a set of gage blocks? No

There are criteria for a base level of knowledge for all employment positions.

Not to muddy the waters, but this is free enterprise.


Can I use your post to raise my price to current and future employers? ;)



Absolutely...You are a hard worker and marc is lucky to have on his team. This is from home and I haven't figured out how to log in with my password. Must be that I need some "programming" schooling. Have a great weekend.
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