Ball Grid Array (BGA) component Incoming Inspection IPC-7095



Questions regarding IPC-7095

Hi, im currently working on the incoming visual inspection for BGA too.
With reference from IPC-7095, i have written regarding the things to check for BGA components (before assembly)

1)Ball Size -> checking on ball diameter
2)Ball Void
3)Missing ball
4)Ball pitch
5)Ball coplanarity
6)Package stand-off height, mounting height, flatness

Will this cover everything to check on BGA package?

Also, IPC-7095 include check of ball shape which i interpret as ball deformity.
Is there a specs for it?
My director is concerned that having a deform might cause a short between solder balls. However, i feel if it is deform, it will fail both the diameter and pitch requirement. Wont the gurus here agree to it too?

I have asked the experts in my company whether deformity will cause a short, which they do not think so since there will be a reflow later on. Only issue is whether there will be enough solder paste for the connection during reflow. However, looking at IPC-7095 and Jedec specs for all types of BGAs, there is no specs for the ball height, only the stand-off height specs is give.
Anyone knows whether ball height is measured during incoming visual inspection and is there reference specs for ball height which is similar to those specified in eg.Jedec-Mo-149?

Thanks in advance.



thanks for the help. The information has more to do with BGA balls after soldering while im looking for visual inspection of the BGA packages before assembly. Anyway, thank you :)


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IPC-7095A is probably the most comprehensive section on voiding within the BGA ball. Most BGA X-ray inspection systems have some means of measuring voids within the BGA. IPC-7095A ( devotes an entire section to BGA voids, and above which manufacturers should consider the voids to be quality and process-control liabilities.