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Barcodes & Scanners



We are about to undergo our 2nd QS9K maintenance/surveillance (call it what you will)audit which will focuse on process control. We use barcodes and barcode scanners in our manufacturing process to collect data and identify product. Although I've run into this twice before, I'm having a hard time explaining to others in the company exactly what the auditors will look for if they decide to ask about the barcodes and scanners. I know it deals with "calibration of the scanners" and "readability of the barcodes" but what are the exact requirements (if any) the auditors will be looking for that we need to be meet.

PS: Marc - what's the going price for the website?


Captain Nice
Staff member
I have seen them look at:

Readability (easy to demonstrate)
Programming (correlation of printed code number to item)
Calibration (you scan item X - is that what the scan indicates?)

I would have the person responsible for for the system answer scanner related questions. I've never seen this as a big deal in an audit. Have you had problems in the past?

Hopefully some of the other folks here can input their 2 cents worth on this topic.


Captain Nice
Staff member
The web site up for sale is not this one, in case you didn't reaqlize that. I haven't called them, nor was/am I all that impressed with the site - I have no idea what the going price is. Sorry I can't help.

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