BASEEFA - British Approvals Service for Electrical Equipment in Flamable Atmospheres


Jim Biz

Baseefa ??

I have a recent "new-customer/supplier" self survey with a couple of questions I need to research.

"Are BASEEFA critical items 100% inspected?"

Is the subcontractor able to meet agency requirements on an ongoing basis? (UL, BASEEFA etc.)

1) How do I identify a BASEEFA critical item?

2) What type of agency requirements are involved with BASEEFA?

3) Assuming (not good) that UL is Underwriters Lab - but have no idea at this point what exactly BASSEFA is or who the etc. might be.... (what other agencies fall under these catagories? that have similar requirements/regulations )

Anything you folks can provide on this will be most appreciated. :confused:

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I've never heard about it before, but being the curious person that I am....I did just a basic web search and came across several hits...This one seemed to provide at least some of the information you are seeking (I have NOT read through it all):

(broken link removed)

Hope it helps!:bigwave:

Jim Biz

Thanks Eileen

The link did help a bunch :D

I did try a basic search after I posted this - but did not find the same link you did..

All I found were the words for the acronym

Service (for)
Equipment (in)

Randy - Roger -- Any thoughts or expierience with this??
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BASEEFA? Isn't that Hank Williams son?:rolleyes:

Seriously...I've never encountered that acronym before, but I'm sure it's similar to either UL, MHSA, or NFPA requirements for electriacl equipment that can be utilized in specific flammable atmospheres.

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Every time I search I get different results :) depending on who's server is being used. I was just happy to actually find something! Randy is right on target.

I found by doing more lookups additional information. I've pasted what is on the initial page but the links may take you to more information...I didn't follow up.

(broken link removed)

The British Approvals Service for Electrical Equipment in Flammable Atmospheres (BASEEFA) Advisory Council advises the Commission and the Electrical Equipment Certification Management Board on technical matters relating to the certification of electrical products for use in flammable atmospheres other than in mines - compliance with National and International standards; criteria for testing where these are not already laid down in British Standards and appointments to a panel to consider formal appeals from people involved in technical disputes and BASEEFA rulings on certification matters.

I've tried to find the 'core' standard...went to the BSI Site and found this:

and lastly for further 'possible' information you may try Techstreet, they seem to have a wide variety of technical standards. (broken link removed)

My best, Eileen
PS: Time to give my lookers a break! :ko:
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