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Hey! I'm doing a homework assignment for beginning to use minitab and I'm confused with a problem. It's about linear regression. We are given this information: Lot size, Income, Owner (where the values in this column are binary, 0 for nonowner)

The question says: "Among nonowners, what is the percentage of households classified correctly?" So by this I assume the question asks which households that are nonowners were predicted to be nonowners.

Well I don't even know what data to select as what when doing the regression.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!


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It is unclear which variables are independent variables (IV) and which is the dependent variable (DV). I would guess that lot size and income are continuous IV and owner is a binary DV. Assuming that this is correct, this would not be linear regression, but binary logistic regression.

If owner is an independent variable, what is the DV?
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