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Batch printing reports in Minitab

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On a similar note, I used to be able to (pre-v18.) select multiple charts in the Project Manager and print from the right-click menu. But not the Print... option is greyed out.


Also, the Print Selected Graphs... from the menu is also greyed out.

With version 18, I can only select one chart at a time to print. This is a royal PITA when print more that 50 charts. (I do not want to use the LAYOUT tool and macros are not an option for what I'm doing).



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As a work-around, try selecting multiple charts, right click and append to Report-Pad. Then print Report-Pad. I haven't used this, so I don't know how much control you will have on sizing, page breaks, etc. You can also send them to Word or PowerPoint.
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