Battery Powered Measurement Equipment and Low Voltage Directive


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I'm looking for some advice.

I need to CE mark rechargeable battery powered measuring equipment. The equipment will be supplied with a mains power charger which will be CE marked (tested against LVD directive). Do I need to apply the LVD directive to the battery powered equipment or only ensure that the charger meets CE marking requirments. The reason for my question is that there are rechargeable batteries in the equipment which store a reasonable amount of energy. These may under fault conditions cause localized heating etc. It appears to me that only the LVD directive deals with single modes of failure (such as short circuits) and the implications of the resultant damage (thermal, explosive etc)


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Strictly speaking, only the external charger falls under the LVD.
The battery powered measuring equipment must be "safe", and must comply with the General Product Safety Directive if it is designed to be, or could be, used by consumers.
The easiest way to do this is to fully apply an appropriate Harmonised Standard to the whole system.
EN 61010-1:2010 would be a good place to start, though this doesn't cover batteries in as much detail as, say, EN 60950-1 + A2.

Assuming the battery is rechargeable Lithium, I would look for one that was compliant with UL1642 and also preferably with IEC 62133.
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