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Becoming an IATF 16949 Third Party Auditor

Anerol C

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Good afternoon,

I have 16 years of quality background, most of them working as QMS administrator, my last job was as Quality Manager, I would like to try as 3rd Party auditor. I have applied lately but I have not received a response back. My last job was ISO 9001, so I have not taken a formal IATF 16949. Please guide me how can offer an accredited RAB or IRCA or which one is required IATF 16949 class?, I'm willing to pay my own IATF training and work hard to meet 3rd party auditor requirements. I used to have accredited ISO TS 16949 and IS0 9001 lead/internal auditir training. Please help. I know that is not easy but I need to start from the beginning. Thanks for your help.:thanx:
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Howard Atkins

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First you need to be sponsored by a contracted CB.

These are the requirements from the rules

The certification body shall have a process for selecting new auditor candidates for admission into the IATF auditor qualification process. The contracted office of the sponsoring certification body shall submit for each​
candidate a completed application form and relevant supporting information to the relevant IATF Oversight office for approval and access to the IATF auditor qualification process.​
The auditor candidate shall meet the following selection cnteria:​
a} is qualified according to lSO/IEC 17021 and the relevant accreditation body rule to perform ISO 9001 audits;​
b} has conducted at least six {5} ISO 9001 third-party audits in manufacturing industries, with at least three {3} as audit team leader;​
Note: Automotive manufactunng first- or second-party system auditing experience may be considered.​
c} has knowledge of automotive core tooIs_; and​
d} has four {4} years full time appropriate practical experience (including two {2} years dedicated​
to Quality Assurance and/or Ouality Management activities} in the past ten {10} years in an organization meeting the applicability of IATF 16949​
Note: Experience in industries with similar scopes of applicability in chemical, electrical, or metallic commodities may be considered-​
see also
The IATF auditor qualification process has two phases: initial qualification and requalification- Details of the two phases can be found on International Automotive Task Force


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1. Effective 1st June 2018, the auditor qualification process has changed. Link is here :
If you have passed through, please share your experience. Your sharing will new aspirants to learn new changes.

2. In June 17, the requirement for working experience was revised from "4 years out of last 10 years" to 4 years out of last 15 years" (Refer SI # 1 of rule book). Link is here:

If your are still studying, i suggest to focus on :
1. Three Automotive core tools (SPC. MSA and FMEA only)​
2. ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949 standards (with lastest SI and FAQs)​
3. Rule Book 5th Ed ( (with latest SI and FAQs))​
4. CSRs of 9 IATF OEMs​
5. IATF Auditor guide 3rd Ed​
6. Sample audit plans for various types of audits (stage 1, stage 2, surveillance)​
Hi, i read from the SI...

Can anyone explain "within the past 15years in an automotive manufacturing organization" means it is mandatory to have 15years working experience?
Or if i am a fresh graduate and i work in automotive manufacturing under QMS for 4years, means i am qualified regardless years of working experience?

Please advise...
If you have 4 years of experience (Including 2 years dedicated to Quality/QMS), you are eligible for certification. It is not mandatory to have 15 years of experience. It cannot be like the auditor has 25 years of total experience and had experience of working in Quality / QMS 20 years back.


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Hi all,

May anyone share his/her experience on IATF 16949 3rd party auditor exam?
Are there any sample questions or case studies from these exam?

Thanks all
The 3rd party exam has been revamped from 2 years ago. I have to say it is much more "real life" than previous. I did not pass the exam 2 years ago. I have recently taken the exam in February 2020, and have a better feel for how I did, but have not yet received my pass / fail yet.


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Dear Morteza
.Now, for two years, IATFADP cerdentials are provided for self study before exam. You will be provide sample questions (modules) in IATF ADP. After going through sample questions, you need to pass online exam in ADP after which you will be provided two certificates. Only after submission of these certificates, you will be permitted to attend course. This all exercise needs considerable time and must be finished well in advance before going to attend course.
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