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Beginner's Understanding - The Purpose and Applications of QMS/ISO Standards



I always just figured people put the verbal pause in the wrong place...

Quality management system is not a system that manages quality (Quality-management ... system)

Quality management system is the system that Management (those of any quality) use.

It is the Quality(<--adjective, not noun) Managers who build a productive and effective system. and one would hope that the folks up top have some beneficial qualities.

Writing the same words over and over...I can't seem to say the emphasis correctly through the keyboard...I hope that made sense up above...:cfingers:
Yup. It's the Quality of the Management System, not the Management of the Quality System.

Forge ahead, QAIntern9. You're on the right path for success.
Welcome to the Cove QAIntern9 :bigwave:

I have to hand it to you: That neat little paper of yours indicates that you have already grasped concepts that a lot of people NEVER seem to be able to figure out. Impressive... :applause: Do keep going, and good luck. I for one hope to see more of your posts here in the future.

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