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I am a Automotive Metal Stamper. We have 22 presses ranging from 100 tons to 1,200 tons that run over 400 different dies. Each part has a specific set of operator gages used to monitor dimensions. There are close to 6,000 gages currently in use. They are a combination of go/no-go gages, specialized function gages, Bench indicators and normal hand measuring devices. We also use CMMs off line for certain in-process inspections. The operator has a QA Instruction that lists the dimensions to measure, the tolerance, the gage to use and the measurement frequency in press strokes. There are specific SC/CC dimensions that are measured at the press and the data is hand written on Pre-control charts. We also have selected parts where the operators collects samples throughout the run for off-line CMM capability studies on SC/CC dimension. For the most part, the dimensions are measured/checked by the operator but are not recorded.

I am interested in benchmarking companies that are collecting similar data and capturing it automatically and electronically. I am willing to travel to any plant willing to share cutting edge techniques that we could possibly benefit from.

I look forward to hearing from my colleagues out there.



We are using a software, w w w. rektron .se/en-us/thesystem.aspx Rektron , and to that we have connected measurement equipments. So all measurements are collected in an database.

This database gives us easy access to trend diagrams, CPK....

I'm sure there is other softwares for this Data collection, we are actually looking for combining it with our ERS/MRP-system so that it will be more automatically and easy for all users.

Hope you find something interesting in that.


Are you using all electronic gages with data acquisition capabilities?
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