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I have been using this for 10+ years and thought I would share in case anybody could use it. I use it mainly for benchmarking and continuous improvements but I have also seen it used for cost tracking. The basic breakdown is that the first tab is what would be used to communicate to Management or Production without all the raw data on some separate file as said data would be inputs on the subsequent tabs. Please note that most of the "front page" is full of macros linked to all other tabs.


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Thanks for sharing...did you mean to say 'formulas' instead of 'macros', since there is no VBA code within the workbook?

I was able to open the file due to the blank password, however could you please share the password(s) to unprotect the worksheets (for those of us who would want to analyze the workbook and possibly make changes)?

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Path of Totality

Sorry. Yes, formulas not macros. As for the password I'll have to do some searching as I haven't needed said password for years.

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