Best profilometer for the money


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We need to take surface data measurements and I was told a standard surface finish chart may not be good enough. I don't want to break the bank, but I still want something that will give accurate and reliable data over time that is also easy to use.

What should I be looking for. I've only used a MAHR-Federal surface measurement device, and I know those are great, but they are also $2000+. Wasn't sure if there is something equivalent yet cheaper.


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I just found this unit ==> SRT-6223 Digital Surface Profile Gauge Roughness Tester Meter for $350-$400. Has anyone had any experience with it and how it holds up?

Mike S.

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Looks to me like its lowest resolution is 100 microinches. Is that gonna work for you?


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I've only ever used a Surfcom... but it's far more expensive (~$5K)... and hardly a pocket unit.


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Looks to me like its lowest resolution is 100 microinches. Is that gonna work for you?

Mike when I look at it again it says the following

  • Use USB/RS-232 data output to connect with PC
  • Has 4 digit display
  • Light in weight
  • Manual or automatic shut down.
  • Range: 0 µm to 800 µm (0 mils to 30 mils)
    Accuracy: ±5% or ±5 µm
  • Metric/Imperial Conversion.
  • With average calculation function.
  • Meets the standards of ASTMD- 4417-B, IMOMSC.215(82), SANS5772, US Navy NSI 009-32, US Navy PPI- 63101-000
  • Tungsten carbide tip will last for up to 20,000 readings which could be easily replaced by the user.
Still even with that its a Chinese product that has links directly to Alibaba from their main site, so....


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In my experience, cheaping out on measurement equipment tends to bite you in the backside, sooner or later, and whatever you saved on the measurement equipment tends to get blown out of the water with the first non-conformace.

I have had a look around the market at the name brands I would use (Mitutoyo, Mhar, Tesa etc) and all of their entry level units are around the £1,600 ($2,000) mark. With these units you know what you are getting in terms of measurement and reliability, a cheaper unknown brand is a gamble and you may end up purchasing a name brand unit anyway.

It is obviously your decision to make, my preference would let me sleep an night :)


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My company has 2 Mitutoyo SJ-210 handheld surface finish testers and they work great! We also purchased the stylus arm extension for deep bores and the cord extension to mount in a custom holder that attaches to a height gage. It has all the necessary functions needed and it's very easy to use for all. One tip I may add is buy the calibrated standard because you WILL be asked about verification of calibration. Which should be done before every part to ensure accuracy.
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