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Big news! Marc Smith reaches 55 - no lightning strikes!


celestica - 2005

Happy birthday

Happy birthday, Marc.

Praying for your health and happiness for years to come.


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55 !

Happy birthday Marc.

This must become the thread with the most replies ever.
It must be thrilling to see what you have started all those years ago and how it has grown all over the world.




Captain Nice
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As Keith Richards said, "Just waking up in the morning means a lot to me". I appreciate all of your thoughts and the thread. Yes, I've turned 55 and don't mind getting older. Actually, it's a lot less hassle than the 'early' years. Yet, not better, nor worse - Just different.

As to what "I" built, I started it but all of you did most of the rest, for which I thank you as do many, many others.

Again, thanks for the thoughts and well wishes!
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