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Biocidal Product Regulation (EU) 528/2012


Starting to get Involved
Hi Cove,

I am surprised to see there isn't a forum for biocides and biocidal products, with the change from the BPD to BPR and the transition period from national systems to a union system, are there any experts on the subject, or anyone working on this that needs help?

I know I certainly need the latter.

Hoping for a new forum?



Captain Nice
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Over the years we have added many forums by request. I will pose this to you - Of the existing 100+ individual forums here, where in the hierarchy would you put this new forum? No promises, however, because I'm not convinced that many people would visit, and second, more important, I'm not sure we have any experts in the discipline that visit regularly - There has to be someone who can answer related questions.

Marcelo Antunes

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From my experience we do not have experts in biocides and biocidal products here, but maybe that's because there's no discussion. Instead of creating a new forum, maybe you can put some questions on a more generic forum and see if there's any answers? Unfortunately, you may not get any, anyway.

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