Biocomp / bioburden for new MFR


Greetings. Molded plastic parts from MFR A, biocomped, steriled val'd, all is good.
If switching, or adding MFR B, at another location / facility, using the same material, I think I can justify my way out of biocomp, but what kind of bioburden testing would be required / smart to do to show equivalence? (Or maybe i should just say, is bioburden sufficient to show equivalence?)
Thank you in advance.


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Bioburden is determined by the number and resistance of viable microorganisms. Thus, these two characteristics have to be evaluated when you want to demonstrate equivalency in a risk-assessment activity, what impact a potentially changed bioburden might have on your final product.

Thereby, your mode of sterilization might be a factor: in case your sterilization validation approach is bioburden based (typical for irradiation sterilization), you may want to repeat elements of your sterilization validation; this is typically not always necessary in case you employ a biological-indicator (BI) based approach (typical for ethylene oxide or steam sterilization).

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