Block 11 of the EASA FORM 1


I work for a airplane repair station as Quality engineer.

I have one question about the standard PART 145 :

When and for why we have to put

- Inspected
- Repaired

On the easa form 1 ?

I have a warranty request about a wrong value air flow check on the EASA Form 1 that we sent.

We checked back the part with a flow check and found the same value.

We create and put overhauled on a new EASA form 1 ans send back the aprt.

It is correct ?

Or Should I put "Inspected " on the EASA form 1 ?

Please Help me.
I would say inspected is a correct statement as overhauled means you made overhaul according to CMM. If you just checked the item then its inspected.


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The FORM 1 should state the maintenance work undertaken on this shop visit.
It should state "Inspected/Tested" (Part-M Appendix II)

Examination, measurement, etc. in accordance with an applicable standard (1) (e.g. visual inspection, functional testing, bench testing etc.)

If you know that it has not been used since you overhauled it, you can add TSO: 0 Hrs in the remarks Block 13

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