Boeing Imposing AS9100 QMS



I was wondering if any of you have received a Boeing letter requesting that you implement and comply with D6-82479 (Boeing QMS requirements) or AS9100. The letter states that standardizing to a single QMS will reduce your costs and improve product. However, in our case our Boeing contract is very small and this will cause us some additional effort to comply with this document as well. Currently, our registrar cannot certify us to AS 9100 so that will require Boeing to come audit us rather than just accept our ISO 9001 certification.

I don't believe in the Aerospace business we can ever get to a single QMS. I wondered if anyone else was experiencing similar frustrations?



I have witnessed the same thing. After Boeing assured all of us that with AS9100 they would back away from D1-9000AQS, immediately after AS9100 came out so did their letter. To make it worse, registrars are having difficulty getting accreditied to 9100. And, why would any organization want to get registered to AS9000 when AS9100 has been on the street for months! Boeing just can't let go; just like the big three can't let go of their Supplier QA activities (or give way to TS-16949), which was supposed to be downsized when QS-9000 hit the street. AS9100 is also a global consensus; Airbus is all for it.
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