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Boss wants customer delivery signature specimen form


Captain Nice
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When you ship you decide what proof is required. I often send things via USPS with a "Signature Required" Return Receipt. If it gets to a point where a customer says: "Well, it was delivered here but a specific person didn't receive it" I'd dump the customer. That's BS.


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Hi Marc,

The reason for having signatories is whenever we receive delivery receipt from the customer we would be able to identify that the persons listed in the signatories are the persons that we'll be seeing in the delivery receipt.
Some specimen form like that would not control who receives deliveries at your customer end. The customer may be receiving various material from several suppliers, and will have a system to do so. An acknowledgement (with the company seal) and the signature of the who so ever taking delivery on a copy of your delivery note must suffice. Its the customer's burden to figure out who received the goods when discrepancies come up. Usually that delivery note with the acknowledgement (a copy of) is attached to your invoice and sent for payment processing later.


Looking for Reality
It sounds like a lot of work to get a little bit of security for future payment.

It makes a bit more sense to me to simply set the purchase terms to Pay In Advance..
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