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Boston Fire Code: Who Does What? (CAL TB 117-2013; CAL TB 133)

I recently started at a new company and have been doing a fair amount of digging on the wonderful world of fire safety standards for upholstered furniture. Historically Boston has been the one jurisdiction that they had some additional hoops to jump through, but our company hasn't had to do anything in the past few years. My research found that Boston repealed its notoriously onerous fire code requirements for upholstered furniture in 2016. I'm wanting to make sure the lack of red tape for shipments to Boston in recent years is because of the change in regulations, not an oversight on our part. Boston still has applications for installation of upholstered furniture on their website: or Molded Seating Installation_tcm3-4059.pdf

The big questions I have are:
  1. Who is ultimately responsible for acquiring the appropriate permits from the city of Boston for the installation of furniture? The manufacturer or the owner of the building who is installing the furniture? I'm leaning towards the business/building owner since in my mind this is like any other local business permit (occupancy, etc.)
  2. Are these permits still required for all public businesses in Boston?

Jim Wynne

Super Moderator
I doubt that there's anyone here who can give definitive answers. It seems like the best places to go would be (a) a lawyer or (b) the city department in Boston responsible for administration of the ordinance(s) in question.

Al Rosen

Staff member
Super Moderator
Call the phone number on the application and ask them. It looks like the TB117-2013 test reports and application are required.
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