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If a company wants to offer only a portion of its operation for certification, how the effective employee to be counted? Are there any specific requirements to be met for boundary certification?

Is there any guidance document for this?

Coury Ferguson

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Are you asking specifically if you can have one or two production lines registered to AS9100?

I understand that you can have a specific product/product line only. But, I could be wrong. Maybe someone from one of the Registrars (I haven't been in 3rd Party assessment for a few years so things could have changed) that visit the Cove might be able to be more specific on this subject.

I am sorry that I can't be of more help on this one.


After a long gap we are meeting. Your understanding is correct about my questions. Let us see what others say.

Sidney Vianna

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No guidance document that I am aware of. AS9104/1 provides minimum audit days based on total employee number for the organization (assuming single site structure).

Some CB's will agree more easily than others to reduce audit days based on justifiable scope limitations. You will have to discuss this individually with each candidate CB. Scrutiny on this is probably high because a few years ago a CB sales representative in India was caught, encouraging clients to cheat and declare substantially fewer employees than the actual number so the number of audit days could be reduced.

Very few CB auditors would go through the hassle of attempting to confirm if a plant has 700 or 1,100 employees.


Thanks Sidney for your response.This is not exactly the situation. The plant declares that it has approx 1100 employees but offering for AS audit only 55.So they want to have audit for a specific area, I suppose.So I consider this as a situation of boundary certification.However, there is no physical separation or demarcation of this area which is to be audited.
The client is coming through transfer and not under single site certification structure. Probably it would fall under several site structure.The previous LA and CB never raised any question on this.I will be the LA for the next audit and totally confused as how to audit in such situation with reduced number of audit days.

I am trying to find out the requirement to calculate effective employee count for such situation.I recollect there was a resolution log on such situation permitting boundary certification but without clarity on head count requirements.

If you recollect any guidance document on this situation, please let me know.The CB is good and will follow the requirement.

For TS 16949 boundary certification is not allowed. Even most CBs under UKAS do not accept boundary AS certification.

Great to see you again.Thanks to the Forum.
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