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Brazil: Termination of business relations with BRH – what happens to registrations?


Dear all,

I have a question on which my research turned up nothing so far.

We´re a manufacturer of class I medical devices (according to Directive 93/42 EEC for medical devices) based in Europe. We´re also selling our products in Brazil.

Some time ago we decided to change our BRH. I know that one product can be registered with several BRH, and in order to avoid having our products not registered at some point that´s what we did.

Now we have the situation that we have two BRH holding registrations for our products.

After informing our old BRH of the change to the new BRH they sent us a proposal for the cancellation of the registration.

My question is: When we change our BRH, what happens to the registrations they hold? Do we have to cancel them? And if yes, can we as the manufacturer do this ourselves or does the old BRH have to do this?

Thank you in advance for your input!



Hello all,

does really no one know anything?

I´m really grateful for any kind of input you can give me.

Thanks a lot.

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