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Breaking News: FAA Announces Ban on Plane Crashes



Re: Breaking News: FAA Announces Ban on Plane Crashes.

:lmao:This is wonderful! Now I can fly commercially again!:lmao::applause::applause::applause:


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This has got to be one of those Urban Legend things, surely nobody, even in US federal government, is stupid enough to make an announcement like that.


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Manager, Pitcher Go Through Entire Bottle Of Wine During Really Great Mound Visit,20983/

Cleveland Indians manager Manny Acta and pitcher Justin Masterson said they "shared a great baseball moment…a great human moment" while splitting a bottle of chilled white wine during an "exceptional" mound visit during Tuesday night's game against the Twins.

"Justin was doing great out there. It was a pleasure to watch him," Acta said of Masterson, who pitched 7.2 scoreless innings. "But he was looking pretty tired, so I thought I'd call time, talk things over, give him a breather. Then I remembered I had this nice little 2008 Seven Hills Winery Viognier that I'd put on ice at the start of the game, and I thought, why not? It's a lovely night."
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