Breast Cancer 3-day Seattle walk T-shirts


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I posted this in the Virtual Walk thread...there is a photo there.

This may not be the place to advertise these t-shirts but here goes. I thought it was somewhat close to our cause...."Women's Health".
A lady at my work has a daughter in college who is selling these t-shirts for donations to the Breast Cancer Foundation (they are doing a 3-day walk in Seattle very soon). These shirts are almost sold out and she has a few leftover. See photo attached. Notify me if you want one. I will buy it for you and send to you - then you can repay me once you get the shirt. The shirts are a $15 donation. They're kinda cute. Once they're gone, that is it - no more from what I understand.

T-shirt sizes currently still available:

3 - small
4 - Med
1 - Large

Let me know soon - send a private email!
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