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Correlation Centipoise to Seconds

I understand there is a formula for converting a centipoise reading on a Brookfield Viscometer to centistokes then correlating that to an approximate reading in seconds to a specific size Zahn cup. I can do that but I need a quick method for shop use.

Does anyone have or know of a correlation between centipoise and centistoke without consideration (or using a standard weight) to (density x 0.120)?

I have the centistoke to second conversions for the various size Zahn cups but am looking for a quick, non-technical way for our mixers to approximate the Brookfield readings and pass the information to the floor where they use Zahn cups.

If someone has one, great - please share it with me - else, I will develop one and post it (but that will take time and I'd rather not LOL).



Bill Ryan - 2007


I sort of understand what you are asking but I have no experience with the measurements you are looking for. I have visited the following site and had great help in figuring out other types of conversions. Hope it can help you (I also hope I entered the link right!!)



Thanks Bill - looks like a great site. I think it will get me what I need.

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