Bugle Calls



The main camp bell wasn't the only thing regulating our lives during the 1950's. There was a loudspeaker system, originating inside the Craft Shop, that would play bugle calls.

There was "Revalee" to wake us up; "Assembly" to gather us all up by the flag pole in formation; "Tattoo" for the raising and lowering of the flag; and "Taps" at night.
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The camp bell still existed when I visited the Tosebo B&B about 4 years ago. It was stored in a little outbuilding between the kitchen and the shower house. I remember first seeing the bell when I first arrived (age 10) at Tosebo in 1952. Not knowing that it served a purpose, I pulled the cord to hear it ring--Mrs Roskie came quickly across the yard to stop me. A few minutes later Ron Messner (horse counselor) came from the barn thinking it was dinner time.
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