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Looking for comments/suggestions regarding the new "bulk material supplier checklist".

The new edition 3 PPAP Manual contains needed clarification for bulk material suppliers. Also, it is true that the authors reordered the submission requirements (Table I.4.1) so to better compliment the "natural flow" of the real-world process. However, I find the addition of the bulk material requirements checklist (BMRC)to be confusing:

1.) The BMRC appears to be something that is agreed to (with the customer) up front. (e.g. deciding who will implement and when, a pre-launch control plan, etc.). Yet, in the so-called natural flow of the process, the checklist appears as element # 15 (Table I.4.1). Shouldn't the BMRC be listed at the top?

2.) What is the point of the checklist? Why aren't the submission requirements list and underlying new clarifications enough? Comments?

3.) If the bulk material was pre-existing, and then sampled into a new application, would such a checklist be required at all? Most of it seems to apply to a material that was designed for the first time for a specific application.

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Per Josefsson

Just found this site and I have to say that this Forum is both interesting and educating.
Sorry jharding - as quiet new in this game I can not answer your question, but mayby you or anyone else are able to answer mine:
My swedish company produce non-woven in big rolls to the automotive industry. Our customers manufacture these into for example Battery Covers and Dash Insulators. Are our products considered as Bulk Material?
Best regards,
Per Josefsson


Yes - it is considered bulk materials

That is exactly the type of thing that I would consider bulk materials.

Right now am going through the bulk material ppap - and am trying to track down a bulk materials checklist if anyone has one of those handy - that would be great.

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