Buying books at lowest price and selling used books - Recommendations?



Buying book at lower price

If you like to pass the high price of new books, buy them used at this E-Bay portal

Really great site. You can also sell your books there.



Dear friends,

Does anyone can suggest me for another web site to purchase books on line? I did go through the "Quality Coachnet" website (Sorry to memsion), to order some of memory jogger books. I got responsed e-mail to explain that because I live in Thailand and they had trouble about stolen credit card, so, they cannot response to person who use credit card from Thailand.
I think if they want to do some kind of e-commerce, they should have whatever system to protect that kind of trouble by not just say NO to people from the same country.

Anyway, back to my request. If some of folks can recommend the website to get low price book, please kindly advice.

Sincerly yours,

Kevin Mader

One of THE Original Covers!

Sorry to hear of your troubles. What memory joggers are you looking for specifically??




Dear Kevin and Jim,
Thank you for your advice. Books I need to order are
1. The Black Belt Memory Jogger
2. The six sigma Memory Jogger
3. The Lean Enterprise
4. The six sigma way

Actually, I found this books from Goalqpc web site, but just try to search others to get lower price, but unfortunately, I got not so good response from



Best Book Buys website compares prices of books at various online sites. I use it regularly. Black Belt Memory Jogger is available at 3 - didn't check the others.

Good shopping - my favorite pastime!


Amaterasu, a relative site to eBay, may have some of the books you look for, sometimes at an incredible discount price for new or like new books.

You can also check for Amazon because some items listed are offered by associates of the site.

But, since it seems that you live in Thailand, I may sugguest ordering from a country from the east like China, Taiwan or Japan. I think that there may be a site in english where you can order such books. Otherwise, the books will be a lot expensive because of shipping charges.

Have a great day!

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