Calculating project cost and effort - Is there any software available?



I want to do project costing and evalute the effort involved. Is there any software available which is not costly?

Will it be possible to use Microsoft project 2000 to do the project costing and evalaute the effort
Can I have the views of others please

Al Dyer

I use MS Project quite a bit but we do not use all the functions, we mainly use it for Gannt charts.

I am aware of its capabilities and its a good program and will report the cost portion of projects.

My only "potential" gripe about the software is that it would probably be labor intensive in controlling, updating, and reporting the data. Please remember that I say this as one who has not used it to its full potential.

I guess it depends upon the level of importance and committment to project management that your company has.

Any other comments from members who have more extensive knowledge in the application of MS Project?


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Are many of you folks using tracking software? One of the things I have noticed is a lot of companies appear to be using MS Project, yet when I talk to people they have very little knowledge of it and mostly do just use it for timelines.

Anyone out there actually using project management software to its 'fullest, such as predicting hours, assigning responsibilities and such?

Is anyone using any project management software other than MS Project?


Project management tools


Recently I evaluated a lot of project management tools. The links are as below:

Evaluated various software and few were good - aceproject, project insight, allnetric etc.

I have few more links that I can share if you want them.

However, the question that is raised by venkat is different, I feel. The question basically talks about how to do effort estimation and cost estimation. I think these tools keep only track of actuals and planned but may not be helpful in effort estimation.

Please check following thread where Govind have given few options. I have not got the time till now to evaluate the options. Effort estimation guidelines in software industry



Fully vaccinated are you?
meensy - Thanks for your thoughts and the links. I admit I equate effort estimation with 'planned'. Maybe my definitions are a bit too loose.
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