Calibratable Thermometer / Hygrometer for Quality Control Room



Does anyone know where I can find a good quality calibratable "Dial" Thermometer/Hygrometer for a Quality Control Room?
Thanks, Fred


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Does it have to be a dial-type?
Fluke/Hart Scientific's DEWK thermo-hygrometer has a 1 or 2 channel option, with high or low accuracy, large digital display with graphing, IR, networkable, over a years' worth of on-board storage, etc.
We have 7 at our facility, 1 for each lab. One probe hangs centrally from the ceiling, the other channel can be taken to a specific bench for monitoring if needed.

Also, the probes have on-board calibration and ID data storage, so another probe can be hot-swapped in when one has to go in for cal. Only the probes get cal'd. The display stays put.
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