Calibrate Computers - ISO 9001 Clause 7.6. Control of Monitoring & Measuring Devices



Registrar said that if a company has the computers (for office purposes only!!), they should be calibrated as if they referred to 7.6.! Has anyone else experienced that?

Calibrated computers???? Nope... I most definitely have not.

If the computers were used to run software for surveillance or measuring I would consider the last clause of 7.6 applicable, but I would dearly love to hear your registrar explain how to calibrate a computer....:ko: Came to think of it: That would be a mortal blow to Bill Gates.. :vfunny:

Are you certain you understood each other correctly?

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Atul Khandekar

Never heard of calibrating computers used for office purpose only.

As Claes said, you need to calibrate/validate the software you use for measurement or data analysis purpose. That would involve using known/published data and comparing the results with known/published/manually calculated results.

Came to think of it: That would be a mortal blow to Bill Gates..
Mortal blow you say? How about Microsoft Calib-Agency Inc.? :biglaugh: Only Bill knows how to 'calibrate' MS Office! :rolleyes:


I agree...

Dont look at me (and talk to me) like if i asked to calibrate computer :))))
I dont even know the auditor who asked it. I knew there was lot of uneffective (resultless) discussions on it in IRCA training courses... So i asked to ask you... And i am not surprised with results :)

Mike S.

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Calibrated computers???? Sounds like something directly from a Dilbert cartoon. I'd have about as much respect for whoever suggested such a thing as a car mechanic who would suggest I need to have my turn signal fluid replaced. Jeez.

Mike S.


Calibration required

Yes, computers do need to be calibrated! Not the software mind you, but the computers themselves. It is a requirement! :eek:

Now, how is a computer calibrated? Computer outputs are a function of the inputs and the software. The hardware has little to do with the output. (Although I have a computer that loses exactly 1 hour each day - is that a software or hardware thing?) :confused:


M Greenaway

Where is the shall on that one db ?

Calibration is only applicable to test hardware and test software, if together they make up a computerised system then you might inappropriately say that the computer is calibrated - this is however nonsense.


I Lied!

Martin, I must confess, I lied. The whole idea was so preposterous to me that I replied in pure sarcasm! I know, I really shouldn’t do that, and I apologize to the entire Cove!

M Greenaway

Sorry db - missed the sarcasm.

Didnt think it sounded like you ;)


Need some advised on this. During audit we found some of the test station calibration was over due becos the cabilbrator has to be send out to US for calibration atleast 1 month. However the daily correlation is done without fail and the reading show no drift. Now is this an NCR? Can we use the correlation records as evidence to conformity?
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