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Calibrating our own equipment, can we? Micrometers to calibrate vernier calipers


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So we can calibrate our own devices using gauge blocks as stated from Ron Rompen ?

Yes, you absolutely can. In our procedure on Management of measuring devices it is stated that we send some gauges to the certified external lab to be calibrated and then these gauges are used to internally calibrate e.g. micrometers. It really depends on what kind of measuring equipment we are talking about, there can be different approaches. The calibration periods should be defined in the maintenance program both for measuring devices and separately for the gauges used for internal calibration.
Just to expand on Jane's statement (Yes, you absolutely can) the one requirement that you must fulfill is to have your calibration traceable back to a recognized standard. As an example, have a master set of gauge blocks calibrated by an accreddited 3rd party lab. Use those gauge blocks to calibrate a micrometer, and then use that micrometer to calibrate a setup block or a gauge pin. All these calibrations are traceable back to the national standard that was used by the 3rd part lab


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Keep in mind the uncertainty totals, as using multiple transfer instruments will contribute to a larger total Uc. Best to calibrate directly off gauge blocks, (even those will have Uc tolerances) and add in other devices as you go. Certain ways of calibrating by transfer may reduce the accuracy of some devices beyond acceptable levels.
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