Calibrating Solid Thread Rings with HILO master

So we are trying to go from adjustable thread rings to solids with HILO masters. I have a set of solid rings and their HILO master, that are only a year old. The GO stops on the small end just about a couple threads down, but the NOGO goes all the way down, and can completely screw off and onto the handle. I am fairly new to solids and hilos, and I wanna say this isn't supposed to happen. Any info would be much appreciated!


What is the history behind these gauges/masters? Are they new to you, just not very old?

I have not dealt with solid gauges or HILO masters, but it seems to me that they might be marked backwards, or maybe the go has been compromised with a burr or something?

If the no go goes, the go should go too, right? (Sorry, I couldn't resist writing it like that). :)
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