Calibrating Sunnen PG800 precision bore gage & PG700 setting fixtures



I know the Sunnen literature states that the PG800 doesn't need calibration, but it seems to me that it's something that should be checked, especially when relying on the readings for holes that have a .001 tolerance. Same with the PG700 gage setting master. Are you guys calibrating them on a regular basis? Any cal instructions? I don't have access to GIDEP yet, and couldn't instructions from the Sunnen website either. Thanks!


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We have eight of them and we lease them. Once a year I send each in to St. Louis to be cleaned and calibrated. We also have them calibrate our setters of which we have four. We use them mostly on jobs that have ID's with +/- tolerances of .0005 or less. We've never had one fail in a job. If your setters are good then your Parking Meter will follow. (PG-800's look like parking meters.)
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