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It's my first participation here :agree:

There is an investor who want to build and operate Calibration/testing labs and looking for specialized consultation or lab operating company who can help with that. Mainly help with designing, what kind of equipments/Machines needed, softwares, manuals and potentially operating the lab during the start up stage.

The plan is to establish the following Testing Labs based on ISO 17025 Standard:

1) Cosmetics Testing Lab
2) Pulp & Paper Testing Lab
3) Tobacco & Cigarettes Testing Lab

Kindly inform me if you know a good consultation and management company for such inquiry

Thank you!


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Re: Calibration Consultation Services

Howdy, Thanks for participating!

It would help to know what country or area you are in (or your investor friend is in).

Regardless of location, The equipment needed and the tests to be run in a contract testing or calibration lab would be primarily directed by your clientele...

Having a consultant say "You should have this."
Having a potential customer say "I would pay for this"

I'll take the latter every time. A consultant gets paid whether the investment goes sour or not.


I'd like to thank you for your kind response!

The business will be in the middle East. I totally agree regarding the comment u mentioned about the consultant, but they know what kind of test they will do. They need an expert consultant who is specialised in start up and operating phases .

If you know where i can find a list of experts in this field, that will be great.

Thank you again!
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