Calibration Certificate Readings After Adjustment



Could someone put an end to an on-going debate please?

On our calibration certificates we have basically

Col 1. Controlled test reading

Col 2. Actual readings BEFORE adjustment

Col 3. Errors BEFORE adjustment

Col 4. Actual readings AFTER adjustment

Col 5. Errors AFTER Adjustment

If the unit does not need adjusting and is within tolerance, is it the "done thing" to complete column 4&5 with the readings from col 2&3 or should they be left blank (---) or have n/a in them. Or is it personal preference

Thanks in advance.


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I guess to your question, my response would be largely opinion. I would not leave it blank. Blank spaces are not good in many industries. Plus it makes the form look incomplete.

I would recommend copying over the numbers, or otherwise marking: same as: as found, for the as-left status.


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Does your cert need to have both as found and as left on the same page? Many certs say found/left or only as found, and I agree leaving the as left blank might be confusing.
Ex. Fluke has an as found cert with cert number, an as left cert with new cert number, or a single as found/as left cert if no adjustment is needed.


Hello, I Just received a cert from Keithley.
My question is should the Limits be calculated from the Test Desc (the Nominal Value) or the Expected Value (the value being generated)?

As Rec'd DataTest DescExpected ValueMeasured ValueLower LimitUpper LimitTest Status100.00099.9965100.16699.846100.148 FailShould the Limits be calculated from the Test Desc or the Expected Value?
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