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Calibration Engineer and Calibration Technician Job Interview Questions

I am in the process of recruiting for Calibration Engineers and also Calibration Technicians, however have never really had to perform interviews in the past.

I need to come up with some calibration related interview questions to ask the candidates in a face to face interview. The positions are for an in house lab, not a commercial lab. Our scope will be Electrical, Dimensional,torque, Pressure, Temperature,Mass, avionic equipment.

Just wondered if anyone has any suggestions of any suitable questions that I can use so that I can get a feel for the candidates real knowledge. There will be a HR person asking all of the normal HR type questions.

When recruiting, do any of you use a written test? If so, would you have any examples you could pass on. The company I work for currently does not do this, but I wondered if anyone has found it useful.

Any help or advice is welcomed.


I'm not sure I'd bother with writing unless you're recruiting for someone who's supposed to be composing long-winded reports and summaries.
I'd suggest something a bit more hands-on - maybe get a sample product and a sample report and ask them how they'd tackle it. Or show them a typical sample and ask them what they think they would be measuring.
If they know how to handle the measurement equipment and understand drawings / instructions, you're most likely get a good Technician.
Hope this helps

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A simple Gage R&R should give you a clear idea of their abilities. I would also advise that you review the ASQ requirements for Quality Technicians and Quality Engineers. You may not require everything ASQ does to be certified but their requirements should give you an idea of the questions you should ask for each position.
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