Calibration lab reqts for QS9000 (TS also?)



I posted this question earlier in the QS9000 forum but this may be the better choice:

What is the latest version of QS9000 saying about the use of outside calibration labs? Can they use OEM services, or do they now HAVE to be ISO Guide 25/17025 accredited? (There was a deadline of 1/1/01 at some point.)

I am the QM of a calibration lab that services coating/plating thickness measurement requirements (XRay, Eddy Current, Magnetic, Beta, Linear Voltage) and I am accredited Guide 25 by A2LA. I need to know what to tell our customers as far as who they can use per QS9000...

Any help would be great.......

Dan Larsen

Ahhh, quality and marketing...what a mix!

The registrars are holding that all calibration services MUST be accredited to ISO Guide 25/17025 as of 1/1/01 or a major will be written. However, the standard reads that the OEM MAY be used if a qualified laboratory does not exist fo rthe service.

Now, some of the OEM's are getting their accredition so this then becomes a mute point and they become your competition. For those OEM's that don't get accredited, the water becomes murky.

Assume the company tells the auditor that they are using the non-accredited OEM because no accredited providers are available. The auditor is paid to audit, not dictate suppliers. I suspect the issue would be acceptable and closed in the auditors mind. I can't imagine an auditor telling the company "Oh, but a cal lab DOES exist...and, therefore, you have to use them!"

By the same token, if you are accredited to the scope of the calibration that is being performed, you can easily compete with the unaccredited OEM for the business.

I'm not sure this is exactly what you're looking for, but it's my read on the situation.


Actually, that was exactly what I was looking for. As of right now, no OEM's in our industry are accredited to Guide 25. Theoretically, we get exclusive business... (Right, in a perfect world...)

I guess the thing for us then is to somehow point out to our customers (current & potential) that WE are it as of right now...

Thanks for the help.

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