Calibration Lab Requirements for QS-9000 (TS also?)



Calibration lab reqts for QS9000 (TS also?)

I am the QM of a calibration company that services QS9000 (and I guess this TS???? that I hadn't heard of) companies.

My question is, what does the latest version say about calibration lab services? I am ISO Guide 25 accredited. Can they still use OEM services? (We are the only accredited lab for coating/plating thickness measurement calibrations that we have found.)

Any help, thanks...

Al Dyer

The latest version of which standard/specification?

You have mentioned ISO/QS/TS?

I don't see how the standard/specification would matter if you are ISO Guide 25 (new 17025?) Accredited.

From which firm did you earn the accreditation and when?

I ask this as we are also seeking to set up our own cal/lab in the future and need all the help we can get!



I'm sorry if I was unclear. I was wondering about the latest version of QS9000 (2000? 1997?) and it's requirements for calibration labs. I understood that after 2/2001, all outside calibrations had to be performed by an ISO Guide 25 accredited lab. OEM was not good enough if not accredited to Guide 25 or 17025?

Am I wrong in this? (I am Guide 25 by A2LA for calibrations, specifically coating/plating thickness measurement by X-Ray, Eddy Current, Beta Backscatter, and Linear Voltage methods).

Also, I mentioned the newer TS number because I'm not familiar with it........

Jerry Stem
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