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Anyone have a recommendation for calibration management software? Looking for something easy for users to learn, usable in a multi-site manufacturing business.




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I just started using GageList and so far am liking it.
It's web based, so I can bring my phone out to where I'm calibrating and not have to worry about writing down my measurements and then typing them into the computer.
They have pretty quick responses when I have questions or issues as well.
We only have 1 site, but they have options for multi-site use.

I am not in any way affiliated with GageList, just a short term user.


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I am also currently using Gauge List and also have no affiliation with them.

I find very it easy to use and as yet haven't found anything better at the same price point.


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I’m looking for counting the usage, does gauge list supports counting?
Gauge list does NOT support this.

If you find something affordable that counts the days of use, I'm all ears.
I've been looking for 13 years and not found anything unless I am prepared to spend 10k or more for a the software/system.


After my last post here I found some info on reddit and following up there.. Looks there is a tracker with counting days feature.. so far it doesn't seems as expensive.. I'm unable to drop the link here, but you can google Counting days for calibration : r/Metrology


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I have looked at "gage makkal" before however the website tells you very little and there are no prices give (so two red flags right there) and as I am old school I use the rule "If you have to ask, you can't afford it".

So Ajay MV the founder of Makkal who has 35 followers on linkedIn (so not exactly big time company I want to hand my money over to) comes from Galway, so is this just a coincidence or is it a stealth product promotion?

You do know you can get banned from this forum for that sort of thing don't you?
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