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Hi All,

I work for a small company producing some carbon fibre components. The carbon fibre process is messy and basically kills weigh scales.

My calibration tech is fed up with having to repeatedly add weigh scales to the calibration register, he sees it as a lot of unnecessary work (it's a small company, he has other responsibilities, I understand his position).

I've talked to the manager of the carbon fibre process and exact measurements aren't necessary, the scales are used to get a ratio. i.e. 2 parts x to 1 part y.

Would it be viable to add a calibration not required sticker on the scales, and then in the work instructions for the carbon fibre process put a step to verify that the scales are correct using calibrated weights?
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Possibly. However, your cal tech should still be keeping track of adding new equipment and removing or inactivating the "killed" scales.

Based on simply getting a ratio, the NCR approach with a verification will likely work. Of course, the weights should be calibrated by an IANZ accredited lab.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Hershal,

I really appreciate you taking the time to respond. Hopefully this lowers my Cal Tech's blood pressure:D.
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