Calibration of Heat treatment furnace as per AMS 2750G


Currently, we have LPG operated 2 burner heads heat treatment furnace in our production line & the size of the chamfer is 1.5x1.2x1.0meter.
as per customer requirement, plan to perform the TUS and SAT procedure as per AMS 2750. Would like to know K-type thermo couple is allowed to conduct the thermal uniformity survey for the heat treatment furnace operated between 495-850deg C. Please advise us.
Moreover, little bit confusion between calibration, re-calibration frequency and re-use. need clarification from expert.

Md. Hasan Ibrahim


I can provide you some advice regarding your request for performing a TUS (Temperature Uniformity Survey) and SAT (System Accuracy Test) process in accordance with AMS 2750 on your LPG-operated two burner heads heat treatment furnace.

Thermocouple Type: In the prescribed temperature range of 495-850°C, Type K thermocouples are frequently employed for temperature uniformity surveys, according to AMS 2750. Therefore, you can conduct the TUS on your heat treatment furnace using K-type thermocouples.

Calibration, Re-calibration and reuse:
certification: The process of calibrating involves comparing a thermocouple's readings to a known standard in order to ascertain the accuracy and precision of the instrument. You must make sure that your thermocouples deliver precise temperature readings.

Recalibration Frequency: Thermocouples can drift with time, just like any measurement device. The degree of precision required, how frequently the thermocouples are used, and the environmental conditions they are exposed to are some of the variables that affect how frequently the calibration is performed. Thermocouples are typically recalibrated once a year or at intervals specified by your quality assurance criteria.

Re Use: Thermocouples can be used repeatedly for temperature uniformity studies, but each survey should start with a calibration to ensure accuracy. The performance of thermocouples might change over time even if they are stored and maintained properly, thus it is essential to check their accuracy before each usage.

Keep in mind that following calibration and recalibration procedures is essential to preserving the precision of your temperature measurements and guaranteeing compliance with standards such as AMS 2750.

To ensure that your TUS and SAT operations are carried out correctly and in line with industry standards, it is advised to speak with your organization's quality assurance experts or professionals who are knowledgeable with AMS 2750 criteria and the specifics of your heat treatment process.

Please feel free to ask any additional questions or for more information if necessary.
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