Calibration of Pin Gauges




In my QA lab y have pin gages from 0.0125" to 0.6", if i want to get credited under 17025 is verification with micrometer valid for this gauges?

You will need to have the proper instrument to check the pin gauges with in the first place. Something with a 10x greater accuracy. You will have to check them axially and circumferentially in 3 places and log the deviations from nominal. It is usually cheaper to outsource this type of gage. The hours it takes to calibrate them yourself is overwhelming. Sometimes it is just cheaper to replace the whole pin set. You will have to weigh the options.
Pin gages come in different classes: zz, z, y, x, xx, xxx, and in some cases if you have $$$ xxxx. So its all based on tolerances for each class, with class zz starting at 0.0002" and with class xxxx at 0.000005". There is also a size consideration, as my example covers from 0-.825". Larger pin gages will have a larger tolerance.

We calibrate pin gages here in house using a prcision laser micrometer, with the ability to check only class x gages. Pin gages better than class x are sent outside to a better lab.

To answer your question, using a micrometer is not very accurate method.