Calibration of Pneumatic Torque Guns


Pamela K.

I work in Strathroy, Ontario, Canada. I am looking for a fairly local source for calibrating pneumatic torque guns. The ones in question are 53Nm. Is anyone aware of a Guide 25 or 17025 supplier for pneumatic torque gun calibration? Thanks in advance!!!


You can search the A2LA ( and LAB ( websites for calibration labs. The A2LA search was not working, but I found these on the LAB site:

Marsh Metrology
1016C Sutton Drive Burlington, ON L7L 6B8 CANADA Phone: 905-331-9783
Notes: Contact Name: Ron Blake (Certificate Dates: 03/06/01 to 03/06/04) Accreditation ISO/IEC Guide 17025 Email:
Field: |Calibration|Dimensional Verification|Electrical|Mass|Pressure|Torque Web:
Scope Document Certificate: L1092

ASC, Incorporated
18640 Walnut Street Southgate MI 48195 USA Phone: 734-246-0595
Notes: Contact: Gerald Molnar (Certificate dates 3/14/01 thru 03/14/04) ISO/IEC Guide 17025 Accreditation Email:
Field: |Calibration|Dimensional Verification|Mechanical |Torque Web:
Scope Document Certificate: L1109

Hope this helps,


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