Calibration Records - 4.11.3 - Records of the calibration activity shall include...


Steven Sulkin

QS states:
" Records of the calibration activity...shall include...Revisions following engineering changes (if appropriate). Please help me understand what this means and provide an example.

Thanks in advance.


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Let us say you have a holding fixture with gages set at 8 points with which you measure a part. Let's say it's a strut. And we'll say it is measured restrained with 4 clamps and is measured in the extended mode. One of the measurements is the distance of a locator hole on the top of the strut, but the specific doesn't really doesn't matter - it's the principle.

A design change is made. The change is to a larger OD on the strut tube. Revisions to the holding fixture have to be documented including any calibration methodology changes (in general there will be a calibration procedure - has it been updated as well?)

Does this help? Comments from anyone else?.
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