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I work for ATEQ Corp in Mexico and part of my work is to calibrate our instruments (ATEQ)in several companies down here in Mexico, some of these companies are automotive. The quality department from one of those asked me if we have SNC(National systems of calibration)acreditation. My question is:

If I am the manufacturer of my instruments, and I am ISO 9000 certificated, should I have SNC acreditation?
In what part of QS9000 said something about this?


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QS requires your lab to be Guide 25 accredited or compliant to a national equivalent. As I understand it, ISO900x registration is not 'enough'.

There was a 'postponement' of the requirement of the Guide 25 accredited (or 'registration' or certification or whatever) for a year I think because there weren't enough accredited labs.

Also see:


Even "NOTE" in QS9000 is just for guidance, refer to 'QS Requirements' page2, "NOTE" under 4.11.2.b.1 quotes that
"Where a qualified laboratory does not exist for a given piece of equipment, calibration services may be performed by the original equipment manufacturer." I think this might match your situation.
However, to be an accredited lab is more match.

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A lab with ISO9002 with guide 25 in its scope has been formally accepted as "a qualified lab" according to QS experts I know and respect. I see this often, and have done implementations for cal labs using this, and have had ZERO issues with their automotive clients.

Naturally the perferred is an auditor with calibration/G25 experience...but not required

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