C Emmons

Ok - lets talk calibration.

I have several maintenance shops in my system. These shops handle small repairs - Federal and PM inspections. I have two issues with this clause.

1.) According to what I am being told - our mechanincs do not use any tools requiring calibration - any engine repars for which calibrated tools would be needed are outsourced to vendors.

Question: Do I still address this in my Policy manual that we do all that the standard requires and put a footnote that it is done through control of our vendors?

2nd question: Mecchanics own their tools. Even though they do not use them for work in our facility they keep them all on site for insurance reasons. Can I put "Reference Only - do not use prior to calibration" stickers on these and still get through the audit?

Jimmy Olson

You should already have some sort of statement that you ensure control over all outsourced procedures. That should cover you, although you will need to be able to prove it. If you have information from the vendor that shows their equipment is calibrated, that should work.

As for your own equipment, I would have some sort of statement that says all tools are controlled as necessary and then put "reference only" stickers on everything since you determine what is necessary.

I would definately recommend checking the tools and how they are being used and for what before saying that none of them need to be calibrated. I guess it is possible, but pretty unlikely. Just my opinion. :)
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