Can a trained person in our lab "certify" a piece of steel gauge



Our lab is certified as part of our QS for the "metallurgical testing and spectrochemical testing of steel products." Can a trained person in our lab "certify" a piece of steel as being a particular gauge? The piece of steel was cut for the purpose of sticking in one of our xray gauges as a method for "calibrating" that gauge (the xray gauge is actually a control device for the machine).


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I'm not a calibration pro, but as far as I know you can establish your own 'standard' as long as you can explain everything such as you arrived at the 'standard'. You had best be ready to show you understand the limitations of your 'standard'.


Hi Spanky
ISO 17025 under section 5.6 has a couple of elements that deal with your question. From the info you supplied,I think Reference materials would cover it. If you need that part of the standard, I can e-mail it to you.



yes! PLEASE! That'd be great! I'll send you my email address separately. Thanks
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